Jim Kruse - President / Owner
Jim started the business in 1973 after working for ConocoPhillips.  Recognizing the need in the industry for a capital construction company with a small foot print but possessing the critical thinking ability and strong work ethic Kruse Construction was born.  Jim has worked passionately to satisfy Kruse’s customers and build a strong team of quality people.  Jim’s reputation preceeds him due his lifetime of invested in the oil and gas industry.  Jim graduated from Iowa State University with a Civil Engineering degree, served in the National Guard, and possesses numerous certifications.  Jim also serves his community and is a family man with several grandchildren.  

Dennis Kruse - Vice-President / Owner
Dennis has been with Kruse Construction from the beginning.  After graduating from Iowa State University with a Civil Engineering degree, Dennis headed straight east to Pennsylvania and began working at Kruse.  Dennis possesses volumes of experience and knowledge which he has earned through years of dedication to his clients and employees.  Dennis is a family man with a growing crop of grandchildren. 

Ken McCoy - Safety Supervisor / General Manager
Ken has been a member of the Kruse Construction family for over 20 years. Ken has dedicated himself to the safety and well being of every employee and sub-contractor working for Kruse.  Ken is the man behind the scenes “keeping the plates spinning”.  Ken graduated from Philadelphia University with a degree in business.  Ken is married and has a wonderful family.

Curt Moseng - CAD Operator / Surveyor / Foreman
Curt has been a member of the Kruse Construction family for over 24 years.  Curt is recognized as a problem solver.  Curt possesses the ability to communicate effortlessly between engineers, operators, and management.  Curt’s experience ranges from CAD, surveying, and actual construction in the field.  Curt graduated from North Dakota School of Science with a degree in Civil Engineering Technology and possesses a AFMX certification for tank installation.  Curt is a family man who enjoys taking his dog for walks.

Justin Kruse - Operations Manager / Certified Pipeline Welder
Justin is the youngest member of the Kruse leadership.  Justin’s dedication to studying the history of construction, lessons learned across the oil and gas industry, and a tenacious desire to apply this knowledge in real world applications has put him on pace to be one of the industry leaders in the near future.  Justin is certified pipeline welder and possesses a business degree.  Justin is a married family man with a couple of children and two dogs.